What doesTylerTradeStone Grp do?

Tyler Trade Stone, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, nutrition, and product quality. Whether it's dairy products, beef, sheep meat, or poultry, our services provide customers with access to premium, healthy, and well-cared-for livestock and products

Dairy and Beef Farming

We specialize in dairy farming, keeping breeds such as Friesian, Jersey, and Ayrshire cattle for milk production. Our dairy cows are raised in healthy environments and fed with nutritious hay, pasture, and silage to ensure optimal milk production. We maintain clean and appropriate conditions to ensure the quality and freshness of our dairy products, which are then delivered to the market. In addition to dairy farming, we also engage in beef farming, producing high-quality beef for consumption. Our beef cattle are carefully raised and fed to ensure superior meat quality, flavor, and tenderness.

Sheep Farming

At Tyler Tradestone Group, we focus on sheep farming, specifically with purebred doper sheep. Dopers are renowned for their adaptability to changing climatic conditions, making them well-suited for various environments. We offer mutton for sale to our customers, ensuring the highest standards of meat quality. Additionally, we sell pedigree doper sheep and lambs to farmers looking to enhance their flocks with superior genetics.

Poultry Farming

Our poultry farming operations involve the supply of broilers to hotels, institutions, families, and walk-in buyers. We source day-old improved Kienyeji chicks from reputable suppliers like Kenchic. We raise the chickens to reach the appropriate weight and age for consumption, ensuring they are healthy and well-nourished. The broilers we offer are of high quality, providing tender and delicious meat for our customers.

Ornamental Birds

In addition to our livestock offerings, we keep ornamental birds, including Geese, Bantams and Turkeys. Geese, such as Egyptian geese and Pilgrim geese, are primarily kept for their aesthetic beauty, adding charm to any compound. These birds may be sold for meat or offered as ornamental pets to walk-in clients seeking to enhance their surroundings.